He lamentado cosas, pero ni un sólo día de los que pasé con ella.
Black eyed María, no more

Comme je vais à cacher et je vais recouvrir le tout avec des feuilles entières de fluides de vous laisser aller.

Un poema a medias tintas serán letras borroneadas, una pluma que te ofrece homenajes a la nada, entera dame tu boca, no la mitad de tus labios que me endulzan con sus besos, y me escupen con agravios.
"Si un día la vida te arranca de mi lado, si murieras lejos de mí; no me importaría si no me amas, yo también me moriría."
Para que nada nos separe, que no nos una nada


You can't wake me up. You don't tell me things. I tell you everything, every damn embarrasing thing.

You don't trust me, constantly talking is not necessary.

I don't do that, I just want to know you. People HAVE TO SHARE THINGS-That's what intimacy is. I wanna read some of those journals you're constantly scribbling in. What do you write in there if you don't have any thoughts or passions or...


Are we like those couples you feel sorry for? I can't stand the idea of beeing one of those couples people never think about.